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Pacific View Bed & Breakfast Whangamata
Pacific View Bed & Breakfast Whangamata


Pacific View Bed & Breakfast Whangamata

Pacific View Bed & Breakfast Whangamata

Kathryn and Peter volunteers at Beach Care Day - May 2011


Pacific View owners, Kathryn and Peter are passionate about the Coromandel Peninsula. It is a beautiful and pristine part of New Zealand and they are working hard to support the natural environment by operating their business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner without comprising their guests’ enjoyment or comfort and also ensuring guests of an enriching and rewarding experience.

As a Qualmark accredited business (with a Four Plus star rating) Pacific View already meets environmental and social criteria however Pacific View has chosen to be further assessed through the Qualmark Enviro Award system and since 2012 has achieved the Qualmark Silver Enviro award. To achieve this award means that Pacific View has met high levels of environmental and social responsibility.

At Pacific View you’ll see lots of measures taken to make the guests’ experiences more sustainable some of which include:

  • We compost our organic waste. We grow some of our own herbs, fruit and vegetables and what we grow is cultivated using our own composting system in addition to the Bokashi Compost-zing system
  • We source local free-range eggs and where possible buy locally grown produce and source and employ local goods and services.
  • We are passionate about buying New Zealand made products. We recycle all our waste paper, plastic, tin, aluminium and glass via the Whangamata recycling system
  • We use biodegradable and eco friendly cleaning products. All laundry is done in house and line dried.
  • We monitor our energy consumption in an effort to conserve future use and to maximize the efficiency of hot water production we have installed a solar powered water heating system which uses the latest technology.
  • We conserve water by limiting the time we spend showering and running water to brush our teeth; have installed dual-flush toilets; we use a trigger nozzle on the garden hose to shut off water when we don’t need it
  • We replace old light bulbs with eco friendly bulbs
  • Toiletries provided for guests are sodium laurel/laureth free and have no artificial fragrances or colours.
  • In an effort to educate guests we talk with them about our region particularly with regard to our forests, beaches, boating safety and fishing laws and we encourage them to be mindful of our environment whilst touring NZ.
  • Guests have free use of pushbikes to better enable access to the local surroundings without the use of motorized vehicles
  • We are members of the Coromandel Sustainable Tourism Group – a programme providing tourism operators with the tools for improving their sustainable business performance.
  • We support the Kauri 2000 programme – a project to recreate significant stands of Kauri on the Coromandel Peninsula
  • We are actively involved with Whangamata Beach Care helping to improve the health of our dune systems

Whilst we are working hard in caring for our environment we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our footprint and to help the wider community and we welcome feedback on further opportunities for improvement.


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